Emma Koenig’s F*ck I’m in My Twenties Beauty Tips

Fuck, she’s on an awkward date!

If you were hoping my next post would be devoid of profanity, I apologize. Emma Koenig’s fantastic blog Fuck I’m in My 20s (Go. Go now) is now a book (defanged a bit into F*ck I’m in My Twenties, presumably so as not to offend the underage Urban Outfitters shoppers). Emma writes with both great universality and devastatingly personal emotion about the perils of being young and unsure and confused and thinking about everything too much (with a healthy dose of the OMG GRADUATED NEED JOB BAD ECONOMY dilemma).

Create This Look For Less (a great resource for, well, duh) featured Emma’s F*ck I’m in My Twenties beauty tips, complete with a healthy dose of the self-deprecation Emma serves up so well.

SOME OF FIIMT’S ESSENTIAL BEAUTY ITEMS (click the link to see Create This Look For Less’ related tips):

Make-up Removing Wipes– For when you’re too exhausted from hating everything to actually wash your face

Concealer– To hide the fact that you were up all night looking at your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s facebook photos

Waterproof Mascara– If you’re going to dissolve into uncontrollable fits of crying at the worst possible moments, you might as well not have messy black squiggles dripping down your face

Glitter Nail Polish– Because even if everything around you is falling apart, at least you can take comfort in having kickass nails!

I’m totally working on a Hangover Makeup post as we speak (whether you gave yourself an up-all-night booze hangover or an up-all-night crying jag hangover is up to you). Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Emma Koenig’s F*ck I’m in My Twenties Beauty Tips

    • Nope, that’s not it. But I do intend to lay off a bit in the next several posts (saving the “The Fuck is on Your Face” ones, for obvious reasons). Packs more of a punch when it’s used sparingly, don’t you think?

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