Insert zombie metaphor here

Hey guys! As I explained forever ago, I started writing for Beautylish in October 2012. Now I’m in contract as a writer for, which is, you know, just sorta my dream job or whatever. Since Sephora and Beautylish are a bit of a conflict of interest, my articles for Beautylish will be no more. It was wonderful freelancing for Beautylish, but it’s time to move on to health benefits and free snacks — not to mention being a cog in the wheel of the company that’s basically my religion … NBD.

Anyway, all this is to say that I’m able to pick up this blog again! So many companies have sent me amazing product that wasn’t approved for review, but now I can write about the stuff I loved that you should try. I’m also on the front lines of beauty combat now (i.e. I know which products and trends are gonna be MASSIVE this year), so you’ll have that to look forward to. I’m not gonna be spilling any Sephora secrets (I’m not about to get sued, yo), but I’ll share what I can.

I’m also in the process of revamping this weird little site, so it may look a bit different. Welcome back to profanity, horror movie jokes, and obsessive beauty writing!


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